Little Flocker – Advanced Persistent Security

Little Flocker is a utility for keeping your personal data safe from malware, trojans, back doors, misbehaving applications, and other threats to your computer’s security, by preventing any application from accessing your files without explicit permission. Little Flocker is an effective way to prevent silent exfiltration, encryption, or destruction of your data, and can help protect you in the event your system is compromised.

But Little Flocker protects more than just your files. It also requires applications get your permission before they can use your webcam, install new startup programs, take control of other programs, eavesdrop on your Internet connection, and more. Little Flocker also actively monitors for keyboard eavesdropping, microphone use, and other activities that can affect your privacy. Security should always be thought of in terms of layers. Little Flocker is one of many solutions that, combined, can help to improve the security of your computer system.

Available for macOS El Capitan and Sierra, Little Flocker is easy to install and relatively unobtrusive to the user once configured. Little Flocker is an invaluable tool for for anyone concerned about ransomware, spyware, or criminal hackers, whether journalists, activists, lawyers, privacy advocates, CEOs, or the rest of us average folks who want to protect our privacy and harden our computer systems. Little Flocker is effective at exposing malware attached to your children’s favorite downloads, trojaned versions of software, and commercial software that snoops around in places it shouldn’t. It’s powerful enough for power users who want to monitor their system for malicious activity, harden their security, and sandbox software that is not normally sandboxed.

Little Flocker is like a firewall for your file system: It allows you to control access to your personal files and prevent unauthorized access by potentially malicious or snooping applications.

Little Flocker protects your files by integrating with the operating system on a low level, and has capabilities higher than root, making it effective against a number of types of root kits and malware.

One of the worst parts about being compromised is not knowing you’re compromised, and having your data stolen or encrypted by malware. Security experts will tell you even they cannot be certain their systems are completely secure. Whether it’s spyware, ransomware, government hacking, trojaned applications, or applications that don’t respect your privacy, Little Flocker works with macOS’ existing security protections to prevent unauthorized software from stealing, altering, encrypting or destroying your data without your explicit permission. The intuitive interface allows you to create clear and concise policies to give applications only the access you want them to have to your files, with all other attempts to access your data either being denied, or prompting you for permission – without the application even knowing about it.


  • Real-time, aggressive protection against unauthorized access to your files. Defend against ransomware, spyware, trojans, back doors, or other malicious programs that might attempt to steal, encrypt, or destroy your personal files
  • Monitor applications to ensure they aren’t misbehaving, and are respecting your personal privacy by staying out of files they shouldn’t be in
  • Protect your removable media (Time Machine drives, USB sticks, external hard disks, and so on) from being accessed by applications without your permission
  • Choose which applications are allowed to use your webcam, and which can’t, block it completely, or require authorization for every use
  • Know when your microphone or webcam are in use, when an application is intercepting your keyboard presses or mouse clicks, or eavesdropping on your Internet connection
  • Prevent malware from taking control of other programs on your computer, running from your home directory, or becoming persistent
  • Prevent applications from installing junk that runs at startup, which can slow down your computer
  • Protect the pairing records your computer uses to talk wirelessly to your iPhone, iPad, and other iOS devices
  • A user-friendly interface to manage Little Flocker, edit rules, and receive notifications
  • “Learning Mode” that can be used to train Little Flocker for new applications,if you don’t want to click through initial popups
  • Restrictive “parental controls” style options for non-admin users
  • Simple mode for non-technical users
  • Much more!

Little Flocker is ideal for users who need to run certain applications that they don’t necessarily trust, or want to monitor what files their applications are accessing.


Easy to Manage

Little Flocker also comes with a handy rules editor for managing user rules. Quickly search for rules you’re looking for, tag rules (such as “Software Development”, or “Untrusted Applications”), or sort a number of ways. Little Flocker highlights invalid and redundant rules so you can easily delete them.


Simple Mode

Novice users can also use Little Flocker. When first installed, the user may choose to run Little Flocker in simple mode, which gives them fewer and simpler screens. While the simple mode interface is not as powerful as the “power user” mode, nor protects the user as much against certain threats (such as trojanized applications), simple mode is easy to use and does provide a reasonable level of protection against many forms of malware.


Plays Nice With Other Tools

Security works in layers, and so Little Flocker has been tested with a number of other security tools to ensure it’s fully compatible. Little Flocker plays nice with Little Snitch, BlockBlock, and many popular antivirus programs. Overlapping features, such as those found in Micro Snitch and OverSight, can be disabled in Little Flocker if you prefer to use those tools for microphone and webcam monitoring.