Little Flocker 1.6.4 (Build #5bf)
Supports OS X El Capitan (10.11) and macOS Sierra (10.12)
Unregistered copies of Little Flocker include a free demo
period that will run for two hours, and can be restarted
as often as you like.

Download Latest Release: Little Flocker 1.6.4
Release notes: Version 1.6.4

Nightly Builds
Note that some nightly builds may have debugging enabled.
Nightly builds are pre-release versions of Little Flocker that
include the latest bug fixes and feature enhancements.

There are no nightly builds currently available

Unregistered copies of Little Flocker will run for two hours, then you will need to restart the filter. Once registered, Little Flocker will continue to run without any interruptions. Thanks for your support!

Privacy Statement: Little Flocker does not collect or transmit any personal or identifying information about you. No personally identifying information, apart from an ip address, is included with queries to check for updates. The author has no interest in your personal life, he’s too busy making sense of his own!